By-Laws of the Hosack Parent Faculty Association (PFA)

The parents, faculty, and administration of Hosack Elementary School of the North Allegheny School District, adopt these By-Laws for a Parent Faculty Association (hereinafter called “PFA”), in order to promote the education and well being of the children who constitute the student body of Hosack.
*Section 1.   The PFA shall initiate and support such activities as are appropriate to promote the education and well being of the students of Hosack Elementary School.
*Section 2.   The PFA shall strive to promote understanding between the administration, parents, and faculty.
*Section 3.   The PFA shall not seek to direct the administrative activities or policies of the school.  The PFA shall, however, provide a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to the parents, faculty, and administration as they relate to the education and well being of the students.
*Section 1.   A parent or guardian of a student enrolled in Hosack Elementary School, faculty, and administrative members are eligible for membership in the PFA upon payment of the annual fee.
*Section 2.   The annual membership fee shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Board.  Regardless of the number of children enrolled at Hosack Elementary School, only one annual membership shall be levied per family.
*Section 3.   Membership in the PFA entitles each family, faculty, or administrative member to one vote at business meetings and elections.
*Section 4.   Executive Board Members are to maintain current PFA membership.
*Section 1.   The Executive Board shall consist of the following persons, each having one vote: 1. The Officers of the PFA 2. The Principal of Hosack Elementary School 3. The Chairpersons of the Executive Board Committees.
 *Section 2.   The duties of the Executive Board shall be as follows:

  1. To transact business referred to it by the PFA.

  2. To approve plans and projects of all committees.

  3. To appoint an Auditor/Auditing Committee.

  4. To approve the expenditures of the PFA, pursuant to Article IV, Section 5.

  5. To appoint, at their discretion, special committees.

  6. To appoint a Nominating Committee.

  7. To present a report at all business meetings of the PFA.

  8. To prepare a budget each spring, for the upcoming school year, with the assistance of the newly elected Executive Board members.  The final budget for the following school year must be approved by majority vote at the last PFA meeting of the current school year.  A quorum is necessary to certify the vote.  If a quorum is not present at that meeting, the secretary shall conduct an electronic vote by email poll of the Executive Committee.  A majority vote of the Executive Committee will determine the outcome of the vote. 

*Section 3.   The Executive Board shall meet monthly during the school year, at a time to be established by the Executive Board at its first meeting.  The President or a majority of the members of the Executive Board may call additional meetings of the Executive Board.  A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.  A quorum will be defined as a majority rule with a minimum of 4 other members voting other than the officers of the PFA.
*Section 1.   The officers of the PFA shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  All officers shall be members of the Executive Board.
*Section 2.   President- it shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the PFA and of the Executive Board, and to coordinate the activities of the various committees.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.  The President must have served for at least one (1) term in any capacity on the Executive Board.
*Section 3.   Vice President- it shall be the duty of the Vice President to assist the President in the execution of his/her duties.  The Vice President shall act for the President in his/her absence or inability to serve.  The Vice President will serve with the Secretary on the Nominating Committee.  The Vice President must have served for at least one (1) term in any capacity on the Executive Board.
*Section 4.   Secretary- it shall be the duty of the Secretary to record and post the minutes of the Executive Board meetings prior to the next meeting, in order that they may be approved at the next meeting.  The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the PFA and maintain a file of all reports, audits, and memoranda pertaining to the PFA.  In cases when the Secretary is absent from a meeting, another Executive Board member must take minutes on his/her behalf.  The Secretary will serve with the Vice President on the Nominating Committee.
 *Section 5.   Treasurer- it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive and disburse all PFA funds, and to keep an accurate record of all transactions.  The disbursement of PFA funds requires approval of the Executive Board.  However, the Treasurer has the authority to pay expenditures in the amount of $50 per month, not exceeding $25 per transaction, without the authority of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board may vote to revoke the authority of the Treasurer to make expenditures without prior Executive Board approval.   

  • A financial statement shall be presented at each Executive Board meeting and at all general meetings of the PFA.

  • The financial records of the Treasurer shall be presented to the Auditor/Auditing Committee no later than Oct. 31 yearly.  The Executive Board shall appoint the Auditor/Auditing Committee. The Auditor/Auditing Committee will submit a written report to the current President by Dec. 1 of each year.  The Treasurer shall submit all financial information in effect during that audit year.  This report shall be retained in the official minutes of the Secretary.

  • The PFA Executive Board, prior to purchase, must approve any transaction not in the proposed school year budget. 

  • All unbudgeted expense requests over $1,500 must be posted on the Hosack web site, as means of notification, at least 10 days prior to a vote on the expenditure.  In addition, public notice via school newsletter and email notification must also be utilized if available; in order to assure that the entire membership is aware of the vote to take place and their right to vote on the matter.  A quorum is necessary for the vote to be certified.  If a quorum is not reached, the Secretary shall conduct an electronic vote by email poll of the Executive Board.  In this case, majority vote of the Executive Board will decide the matter.

  • No check shall be issued to anyone without a receipt or written documentation of said expenditure.

  • A second officer must cosign all expenditures over $250, first signature to be that of the Treasurer.

  • All contracts over $250 secured by executive board committees must be cosigned by the Treasurer.

  • All approved expenditures must be submitted for payment within the fiscal  year of the date of approval, or the money will be reverted back to the PFA general fund.   

*The PFA shall have the following committees.  The Chairpersons of each committee, together with the officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the PFA.  The Chairperson for each committee shall be responsible for the following:


  1. Assemblies - plans and schedules PFA funded assemblies with coordination with Hosack principle

  2. Auction Night - Coordinate annual Winter Auction Night; utilize committee to solicit donations, prepares items for auction, manages auction and completes all required correspondence: Coordinates with the Social Chair the dessert aspect of the event.

  3. Birthday Board games - Coordinates Board Games for indoor recess, a snack free option for parents to celebrate a child's birthday.

  4. Community Support Coordinator - accepts and reviews all materials submitted to PFA by the business Community: coordinates fundraising via community and and corporate endeavors - such as dine-out, ShopARoo, Box Tops, GE Apples for students

  5. EAC Representative - Attend monthly Elementary Advisory Committee meetings and reports back to PFA, The district requests a representative as well as an alternate to have representation from all schools.

  6. Electronic Communication - Organizes and maintains electronic notification and sign-up system utilized by the PFA; forwards email notices on behalf of the PFA committees to solicit committee members and volunteers for PFA sponsored events. Including - Website, EBlast, Remind App

  7. Faculty Liaison - represents the faculty of Hosack at Executive Board meetings at their discretion. The representative must be a faculty member at Hosack and be elected by those faculty members who are members of the PFA. The chairperson may also appoint alternate representatives.

  8. Field Day - coordinates and oversees three subcommittees (food, games, and volunteers) involved in the planning and implementation of this annual event.  Manages budget for the event

  9. F.L.A.S.H - (Fun Learning After School at Hosack)- plans and coordinates after school programs for K-5th grade students; decides upon programs and proposed instructors, prepares and processes all paperwork and fees associated with the classes.

  10. Fundraising - coordinates PFA approved fundraising programs including sending home flyers, tallying orders, distributing merchandise; collects and balances all moneys involved. Such as Kids Stuff Coupon Books, Sarris Candy,

  11. Homeroom Parent Coordinator: recruit and oversee the homeroom parents who coordinate volunteers for classroom activities such as field trips, parties, and other grade level activities.

  12. Hosack Rocks Dance - Coordinates Spring Dance

  13. Membership:  receives PFA membership fees and prepares roster of PFA members; prepares and distributes Hosack Student Directory; maintains welcome packets for new families.

  14. Monetary Donation Option - Coordinate and manage the option of not participating in fundraising by making an optional  monetary donation to the PFA. Provide appropriate donation documentation.  

  15. PFA Extra-Curricular Activities - (2 chairs if needed) Coordinates the afterschool program that are ongoing throughout the school year and sponsored by the PFA excluding FLASH.

  16. School Board Representative - attends monthly school board meetings and reports back to PFA.

  17. Social -- Organize social functions including September Get Acquainted Night and dessert portion of Winter Dessert/Auction Night.

  18. Spirit Shop - coordinates the design and sales of Hosack/North Allegheny Spirit items; collects and balances all moneys involved.

  19. SPLC Representative -  attends monthly Superintendent Parent Liaison Committee (SPLC) meetings and reports back to the PFA. The district requests a representative as well as an alternate to have representation from all schools.

  20. Staff Appreciation - Coordinates staff appreciation events during the school year, solicits donations from parents for luncheons, gift baskets, etc. at discretion of the chairperson.

  21. Tie Dye Shirts - Coordinate and distribute sales of grade level T-shirts for field trips and field day.

  22. Traveling Art Gallery - TAG: utilizes district owned artwork to coordinate presentations to students; trains volunteers with provided data to make grade level presentations to the students.

  23. Waste Free Day/Food Rescue 412 - Coordinating with the Kathy Hoel (librarian), the cafeteria staff, fifth grade leadership students and food rescue 412.

  24. Yearbook - determines format and publisher of Hosack yearbook; coordinates sales and distribution of yearbooks; selects functions to be highlighted; plans photo selection criteria and layout

*Section 2.   The Principal of Hosack Elementary School shall be an ex-officio member of all committees created under Article V.
*Section 3.   The President or Executive Board has the power to create special committees; however, the chairperson of a special committee shall not be considered to be a member of the Executive Board.
*Section 4.  The chairperson of each committee shall be responsible for selecting committee members.
*Section 5. Each member of the Executive Board (chairpersons of each committee) shall file a report upon request by the President.  Each committee shall submit a report at the close of each school year.  Said report shall highlight the achievements of the committee and preserve any of its records for the benefit of future committee chairpersons.
*Section 6. If the PFA chooses to add or terminate a committee, the proposed addition or termination must be posted on the PFA web site for at least one week prior to a voting meeting of the PFA.  Electronic notification must be made of a pending vote at the same time as the web site posting.  A majority vote at the PFA meeting is needed to create or terminate an Executive Board Committee.
*Section 1.   All officers and Members of the Executive Board (committee chairpersons) shall be elected annually.  They shall assume their duties on July 1 of each year and serve for a term ending on June 30 of the following year.
*Section 2.   The Nominating Committee shall consist of primarily the Vice President and Secretary of the PFA.  Any other Executive Board member (committee chairperson) who indicates interest in serving on the Nominating Committee may serve as an additional member.
*Section 3.   The duties of the Nominating Committee shall be as follows:


  1. To use email notification to alert the general PFA membership of the start of the nominating process by Feb. 15.

  2. To post a description of the responsibilities for each officer and Executive Board member (committee chairperson) on the PFA web site.

  3. To accept candidates for all elected Executive Board positions from the general population of the PFA.

  4. To accept candidates for Officer positions from all PFA members with previous Executive Board experience.

  5. To recruit potential Executive Board members and qualified Officers should there be no volunteers to fill vacant positions.

  6. To present a slate of proposed Executive Board members and PFA Officers to the general PFA population at the April PFA meeting.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at that meeting.

  7. To conduct and complete the election process by the May meeting of the PFA. 

  8. To maintain a file of all business conducted by the Nominating Committee.

*Section 4.   Nominees to the office of President and Vice President must have served for at least one (1) term in any capacity on the Executive Board.
A vacancy occurring in any office, other than the President, may be filled for the un-expired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Board.  The election shall occur at a regular PFA meeting.  Should the position of President be vacated for any reason, the Vice President shall replace him/her, and an election shall be conducted to replace the Vice President with a PFA member who has previous Executive Board experience.  Should both President and Vice President positions be vacated, an election shall be held to replace both positions with PFA members both of whom have previous Executive Board experience.
The general membership of the PFA is to be included in all monthly meetings of the PFA, during the school year.  The meeting schedule shall be published in the Cobra News as well as the district calendar.  Notice of a change in meeting time or date shall be made via email as well as by Thursday Envelope at least one week ahead of the scheduled meeting.


Section 1.   These By Laws may be amended as follows:


  1. At any meeting of the PFA, by a majority vote of the members present and voting, PROVIDED A) notification of the proposed amendment has been given ten (10) days prior to the meeting, B) the proposed amendment has been published on the PFA web site for a minimum of ten (10) days, C) email notification has been made alerting the general membership of the PFA about a pending vote to alter the By Laws a minimum of ten (10) days ahead of the vote, D) AND a quorum is present to vote at said meeting.  OR

  2. IF a quorum is not present at the meeting during which a vote on a suggested amendment was sought AND all other conditions have been met, then the Secretary shall conduct an electronic vote by email poll of the Executive Board.  A majority vote of the Executive Board will determine the outcome of the vote.

*Section 2.  A committee may be appointed to submit revised By Laws by either a majority vote at a general meeting of the PFA, or by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.  In the event of an amendment, the adoption of the revised By Laws must be in accordance with the above section.
In the event of dissolution of this association, the assets of the organization shall be distributed for one or more exact purposes specified in Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or from this time amended.
Revised December 2003, September 2006, February 2008, March 2010, September 2012 and September 2018.

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